I never thought it would take only one lesson for our daughter to learn something new and get it!  She is in 3rd grade and had been nervous and stressed out with school, but since seeing Mrs. Seieroe, she has grown so much! It has been a major turnaround in our house!
Lorraine C.
Mrs. Seieroe’s level of knowledge when it comes to what the kids are working on and what they WILL BE working on is far superior to any other tutor we’ve ever had!
Lauren L.
Even when my kids do not have homework, Mrs. Seieroe is prepared and ready to teach them new skills or review what had been a challenge the week before.
David L.
If my child has an upcoming test, Mrs. Seieroe tells us to send the test subject name or schoolwork to her, and she creates a lesson plan and practice tests to work on together!
Matt R.
My granddaughter struggled with math and cried when she had to do her homework. I tried several ways to show her how to do this math, but she didn’t seem to understand or get better. I asked her teacher for help, and she referred me to Mrs. Seieroe. Fast forward to this year, she won an award for Academic Excellence, and more importantly, she loved school!  I cannot give a stronger recommendation for the tutoring my granddaughter receives from Mrs. Seieroe, as she gave my granddaughter the skills to achieve good grades and the confidence to do well in school.
Robin R.
Mrs. Seieroe was recommended to us from her reading specialist at school in September. She was at a 1st grade level and was in 3rd grade. Our daughter was so excited because she wanted to be like the other kids and be able to read out loud without making mistakes. Well, Mrs. Seieroe was so amazing in how she put together her lessons to work on sight words, and then stories that had the same words in the story. Now, our daughter is at 4th grade level, and this summer we are meeting twice a week to work on 4th grade reading and the math word problems. Mrs. Seieroe does this all on Skype and keeps our child engaged the whole lesson! She has been a blessing to our family.
Jennifer A.